There is a good chance that by visiting our website you know exactly what a buy to let mortgage is – you may already have one or more mortgages or be well on your way to looking for your first buy to let investment.

A buy to let mortgage is simply a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan, also known as a debt, on a building that the owner of the property has to pay back over a fixed period of time – plus interest. The reason a buy to let mortgage is different to a normal mortgage is due to what the owner of the property is looking to do with the property.

The name “buy to let” really does give the game away. The person buying the property intends to let it out. The reason these specialist mortgages exist is due to the nature of the owner not living in the property itself. This is deemed a riskier investment than a standard home owner mortgage so therefore a different type of mortgage is needed that is often more expensive than a standard mortgage.

Buy to let mortgages also take into account some other factors – such as the expected rental income or rental yield. There is a huge list of elements that can be taken into account with any mortgage application, and buy to let is no different, but commercial or business buy to lets would also look at the income expected to come in from that investment.