As with anything in life – some things are simply not simple! Luckily there are many buy to let mortgage lenders and brokers that can look at the many different aspects of a mortgage that may make it a specialist application.

As a broker purely focused on buy to let mortgages, we are a specialist in our own right – but within buy to let mortgages there are many types of property, or circumstances of the individual, that can mean being approved a mortgage is hard. Luckily brokers like ourselves exist in hunting out the other brokers or lenders that CAN help – so you can be well on your way to securing your investment.

There can be many reasons why a mortgage is deemed to be specialist. Of course, the property itself could be unusual in construction or it may be an unusual blend of commercial and residential. An application can also differ from most based on the individual applying for the mortgage. There could be multiple people on the application, the income of the applicant could be unusual or the applicant may have difficulty providing evidence of income either via employment, self-employment or income such as a pension. Obviously, the reasons can be endless as to why an application for a buy to let mortgage may not be seen as “normal” but this is exactly why businesses such as ourselves exist.