Manchester is one of the larger UK cities and home to 2 of the largest football teams in the World. As with other major cities there are, of course, other major draws to why investors look to Manchester for their buy to let investment.

Like many large cities, Manchester offers a diverse number of properties that investors look to capitalise on to add to their portfolio. Commercial properties do not tend to have as high as demand within Manchester in comparison to London but it is still seen as a growth area for our team. As with London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow – residential properties such as houses and flats / maisonettes are a big draw especially in areas that are seeing regeneration over the last few years.

Manchester sees a wide diverse range of areas from low value areas to high price areas so is an ideal location for investors looking for a wide range to add to their portfolio. The City centre is always an area that demands higher values and rental yields and value is often looked at when heading outside of the city centre.

Businesses, semi-commercial, residential, flats or almost any different type of property you can think of – our team of specialists will probably have encountered a similar mortgage enquiry. If you are looking for help with a buy to let mortgage in Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK, then head over to our Enquiry Page.