With London being the capital of the United Kingdom – it can often be regarded as the hub of the buy to let mortgage market. The diversity of the types of buy to lets within London is vast and this is one of the main reasons we have a strong focus in the City.

London is seen as an area where the potential for making capital gains is often seen as very strong in the medium to long term. This often attracts investment in both commercial and residential properties. Commercial buy to let mortgages are an interesting market and often require expertise as the diversity in types can be huge. As specialists in this market ? we have got his covered.

Naturally, being the capital of the UK, the demand for residential properties to rent in the majority of London boroughs is high. This therefore sees rental income as particularly high, especially when compared to other less affluent areas of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Property prices of course reflect this but the attraction of London sees investors focus on the City and this trend doesn?t appear to be slowing.

Commercial properties, residential homes, studio flats, semi-commercial or practically any diverse type of building you can think of ? our team will probably have encountered a similar application. If you are looking for help with a buy to let mortgage in London, or elsewhere in the UK, then head over to our Enquiry Page.