As a buy to let mortgage broker we naturally have access to buy to mortgage lenders – that access is key to what we do. That access can happen in different ways and can either be direct or via other specialist brokers. Either way the results for our customers is the same – fantastic UK coverage to the best buy to let mortgage lenders out there.

An aspect that is sometimes overlooked when people are looking for a mortgage product is that sometimes lenders will either only deal directly with brokers or they will offer certain brokers exclusive deals. These kinds of arrangements can change quite frequently but it is something that is worth serious consideration when looking at this type of product.

But to let mortgage lenders vary massively in the types of products they can offer as well as they type of applicant they will lend to. The knowledge that we, and our team, have ensures that we can look to place your application with the correct broker/lender for your circumstances. The last thing you want is time being wasted as often, when it comes to property purchases, everything is time sensitive. The old phrase is “time is money” and this can never be more true when it comes to property – especially if a chain is involved either with a property chain or even a financial chain of funds moving from one business to another to fund certain projects.