Brokers can sometimes get a bad press in all walks of life as some will doubt the worth of using them. Although we won’t look to convince you to make an enquiry with us I would like to point out some areas that are often overlooked when individuals consider whether to use a broker or not.


Applying via a broker offers an opportunity to explore multiple products and multiple lenders – rather than applying with simply one lender. This may sound blatantly obvious but something else needs to be considered here also. As a broker we have experience of certain quirks that some lenders may or may not have. For example, a lender may say that they accept pension income as a form of income of calculating affordability. However, we or our team may have experience that shows that the lender very rarely does accept pension income – and we may be aware of lenders that often do. Little gems of knowledge like this can prove so valuable in getting your application approved and paid out quickly – rather than wasting time with a buy to let lender that ultimately stands a very low chance of approving you.


Naturally there will be brokers out there that charge a fee. Some of the brokers we work with may charge a fee – and we want to be completely transparent about this. However, be aware that we have a no fee policy. We will not charge you any fee whatsoever. The sceptical amongst you may then question how we are in business! Simply put we will receive a commission from the broker or lender we refer you to – but only if you get the mortgage you are look for. It’s a simple process that sees you pay us nothing – and we only get rewarded on getting you the right mortgage products that our customers are happy with.